October 31, 2011

Sweden: Double birthday celebrations

There is double birthday celebration in Sweden today! Count Carl Johan Bernadotte af Wisborg and Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler are celebrating their birthday today!

Carl Johan Arthur, Duke of Dalecarlie was born on 31st October 1916 as the fifth and youngest child of Gustaf Adolf, Crown Prince of Sweden (later King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden) and his first wife Crown Princess Margaret, née Princess of Great Britain. Before his first marriage he renounced his titles and rights to Swedish throne. He married on 19th February 1946 in New York, Elin Kerstin Margareta Wijkmark (1910-1987). They never had any biological children, but adopted two children, daughter who recieved the names Monica Kristina Margaretha (*1948) and son who recieved the names Carl Henning Christian (*1949). From them Carl Johan has 6 grandchildren, Ebba (*1980), Marianne (1982), Christina (*1983), Carl Johan (*1984), Richard (*1985) & Philip (*1988). After the death of his first wife, he married again on 29th September 1988 in Copenhagen, Countess Gunilla Martha Louise Wachtmeister af Johannishus (*1923). Carl Johan is the uncle of the current Swedish King and the oldest living male descendant of King Carl XIV Johan of Sweden.

Princess Margaretha Désirée Victoria of Sweden, was born 18 years later on 31st October 1934, at Haga Palace, as the oldest child and daughter of Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden and his wife Princess Sibylla, née Princess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. She is the oldest sister of the reigning King of Sweden . She married on 30th June 1964 in Gärdslösa John Kenneth Ambler (1924-2008). After her marriage she became a private citizen and moved to Great Britain with her husband.  Together they had three children, daughter Sibylla Louise (*1965), and two sons Charles Edward (*1966) and James Patrick (*1967). From them Margaretha has 6 grandchildren, Madeleine (*1999), Sienna (*2000), Sebastian (*2000), Lily (*2003), India (*2003) and Oscar (*2004).

Norway: Haakon, Mette-Marit & Marius attend concert of Rihanna

Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, together with her son Marius, attended concert of Rihanna yesterday in Oslo.

October 30, 2011

Sweden: Carl Philip attends Volvo Ocean Race

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden attended the opening ceremony of Volvo Ocean Race on October 29-30 in Allicante, Spain.

Sweden: Carl Philip & Lilla Barnets Fond

On Thursday, October 27th, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden attended the distribution of Lilla Barnets Fond in Stockholm. Carl Philip is the royal patron of the fund.

Norway: Harald & Sonja host a dinner

On Thursday, King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway hosted a dinner for members of parliament. Also present was Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, his wife Mette-Marit was absent due to illness of one of their children.

October 27, 2011

Sweden: Victoria attends a funeral

Crown Princess Victoria attended the funeral of Per Unckel, The Governor of Stockholm, today.

Sweden: Daniel in Washington (day 4)

On his last day in Washington, Prince Daniel of Sweden visited the World Bank, he was escorted by Executive Director Anna Brandt.

In the afternoon he visited Old Sweden in Wilmington, Delaware.

Sweden: Carl Gustaf, Silvia & Victoria host a lunch for minister

King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria hosted a lunch for Swedish Minister Annie Lööf today at Royal Palace in Stockholm.

Sweden: Daniel in Washington (day 3)

On Wednesday Prince Daniel of Sweden visited Miner Elementary School in Washington D.C. where he together with the Ambassadors of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland celebrated the Nordic Food Day. He was welcomed by 8 year old Julisa Williams dressed as Pippi Longstocking and 10 year old Keith Herbert dresses as a viking.

Norway: Haakon visits California (day 3)

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, finished his California visit on Wednesday. He toured Space Systems Loral in Palo Alto. Space Systems Loral is a designer, manufacturer, and integrator of communications satellites and satellite systems for commercial and government clients. He later also visited the companies Apple, where he was given a demonstration of the iPad2 and iPhone, and Telenor.

Norway: Harald attends the unveiling of the Veterans Monument in Bardufoss

On Wednesday, October 26th, King Harald of Norway attended the unveiling of the Veterans Monument in Bardufoss.

Norway: Haakon visits California (day 2)

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway continued his California visit of Tuesday. He first visited a cafe near the University of California Berkeley in Berkeley where he met Norwegian students and attended the opening of the Transatlantic Science Week.

Later he visited Gap headquarters in San Francisco, where he was presented with a book by Doris Fisher, the wife of Gap founder Donald Fisher and viewed their art collection.

He also visited Norwegian Seaman's Church in San Francisco, California.

October 25, 2011

Sweden: Daniel in Washington (day 2)

On second day of his visit to Washington DC, Prince Daniel of Sweden participated in a seminar "Providers Partnering with Patients" about how preventive care is essential to ensure the health of an aging population and controlling health care costs, at House of Sweden.

Norway: Haakon visits California (day 1)

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway started his visit to California on Monday. He opened the Innovation House in Palo Alto, California. The house offers temporary office space to Norwegian companies seeking to establish operations in the Silicon Valley.

Sweden: Daniel visits Washington (day 1)

Yesterday, Prince Daniel of Sweden started his 4 day long visit to Washington DC. The day started with a visit to Embassy in Washington where he toured the House of Sweden and met employees of Embassy. Later he visited The Mall, Arlington National Cemetery, Martin Luther King Memorial and Newseum.
During the day Daniel met with Larry Soler, president of A Partnership for a Healthier America , for a conversation about health issues and childhood obesity, and Heather Conley, director of the Europe Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

October 23, 2011

Sweden: Carl Gustaf & Silvia at Norden Club in Jamestown

Yesterday, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden attended the 100th anniversary celebration of the Norden Club in Jamestown.

Norway: Harald & Sonja visit Seamen's Church

On Saturday, October 23rd, King Harald and Queen Sonja visited Norwegian Seamen's Church in New York.

October 22, 2011

Sweden: Victoria & Daniel at final performance of "Elvis"

Yesterday evening, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden attended the final performance of "Elvis" by Glada Hudik Theater, at Globen in Stockholm. Also Daniel's parents and sister with her family attended the performance.
The Glada Hudik Theatre was founded in 1996 in small town Hudiksvall in Sweden. Acting is one of the activities at the day center for mentally handicapped men and women in Hudiksvall.

Scandinavia: Royals attend a Ball in New York

Yesterday, King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Princess Madeleine of Sweden attended the American Scandinavian Foundation's Centennial Ball at the Hilton Hotel in New York.

October 21, 2011

Sweden: Victoria attends Symposium

In the afternoon, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attended an American Field Service, AFS, symposium on intercultural learning and conflict solving in Stockholm. Speakers at the symposium were Nobel Prize winner Marti Ahtisaari and Swedish diplomat Jan Eliasson.

Sweden: Victoria & Daniel attend UN seminar

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden attended an UN seminar at the Concert Hall in Stockholm. The theme of the seminar was the Arab spring and its consequences. Speakers included among others Aleksander Gabelic, chariman of the Swedish United Nation Association and Erik Ullenhag, Minister for Integration.

Scandinavia: Visit to Ground Zero

Today, King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden & Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, together with President Tarja Halonen of Finland and President Olafur Grimsson of Iceland and his wife, visited Ground Zero in New York, where they paid tribute to the victims of September 11th.