February 29, 2012

Sweden: Madeleine returned home and visited Estelle

Princess Madeleine of Sweden landed on Arlanda Airport this morning. She returned to Sweden to meet her new niece Estelle. Her boyfriend was not with her and it was not confirmed how long she'll stay in Sweden.

In the afternoon Madeleine was seen arriving to Haga Palace, to visit Victoria, Daniel & Estelle.

February 28, 2012

Sweden: First walk in Haga Park

Swedish Royal Court published today a new photo of Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel of Sweden with their newborn daughter Estelle. Victoria & Daniel took Estelle for her first walk in Haga Park. The photo was taken by Prince Carl Philip. Today it was also revealed that Daniel was the mystery photographer who took pictures of Estelle published yesterday.

Source: kungahuset.se via Facebook

February 27, 2012

Sweden: First photos of Estelle

Swedish Royal Court published today shortly after 11am, first photos of little Princess Estelle of Sweden. The photos were taken when she was 4 days old at Haga Palace. It is not clear who took the photos, as King Carl Gustaf is not in Sweden at the moment. The spokesman of Swedish Royal Family said that the photos were taken by a family member, but no details will be issued for the time being. The cardigan Estelle is wearing was knitted by Victoria's grandmother Alice.

Photo: kungahuset.se

 Photo: kungahuset.se

Photo: kungahuset.se

February 25, 2012

Sweden: Victoria & Daniel thank for congratulations

Swedish Royal Court published today, following thank you card from the new parents Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel of Sweden.

Source: Kungahuset.se

"Many thanks for all the kind greetings and congratulations on the ocassion of the Princess Estelle's birth. We really appreciate your support and that so many share our joy.  Unfortunately, we don't have the opportunity to thank everyone personally for the overwhelming amount of congratulations we have received.

To everyone who has been asking about gifts, please have our Wedding Foundation in mind. Wedding  Foundation's objective is to promote good health and combat exclusion among children and adolescents in Sweden. "

In other news related to the birth of Princess Estelle, SRF spokesman Bertil Terner said that it is not know when the first official pictures of little Estelle will be published, however the royal court understands that the demand for the photos is high and Victoria & Daniel were quick with the first picture of their new family.

Princess Madeleine is the last member of royal family who has not met the new princess yet. She is still in USA and according to Bertil Terner, she'll have an engagement on Monday, after that she'll probably return to Sweden to meet her niece.

After the initial "shock" after the announcement of the name of the little princess, surveys are showing that the majority of Swedes thing that the name of the little princess is beautiful and princess like.

February 24, 2012

Sweden: A day in the life of "little star"

The daughter of Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel of Sweden was just a day of today and pretty unaware about all the attention she is already getting in the outside world. But it was fully packed day for her parents and family.

Around 9 am in the morning Daniel's parents Olle & Ewa Westling as well as his sister Anna Westling Söderström with husband Mikael and older daughter Hedwig arrived to Haga Palace to meet the newest addition to the family.

An hour later Marshall of the Realm Svante Lindqvist, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Speaker of the Parliament Per Westerberg & Mistress of the Robes Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister arrived to Haga too for the Witness Confirmation of the little Princess. Both Victoria & Daniel were in the room when their daughter was presented to the quartet who signed and sealed a document confirming that little princess is really a daughter of her parents. Both Fredrik Reinfeldt & Alice Trolle-Wachmeister said later to the media that the princess looks exactly like her mother when she was born, she was just fed minutes before their arrival, and was yawning like a little kitten.

At 11:15 am Council started at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Besides King Carl Gustaf also Prince Carl Philip attended it. During the council Carl Gustaf announced that his newborn granddaughter will be Duchess of Ostergötland. Her name was announced as Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, with Estelle being her daily name. As the proud grandfather said the name Estelle means a lot for the family.

Shortly before 12 pm, the invited guests started to arrive for the Ta Deum for Princess Estelle. Both Estelle and her mother Victoria stayed in Haga palace, while Daniel joined both sets of grandparents, brother in law Carl Philip as well as his sister Anna and her husband Mikael Westling Söderström for the Ta Deum.

Sweden: Princess Estelle of Sweden

The newest member of Swedish Royal Family was officially named today. King Carl Gustaf announced that his first grandchild received the names Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary and was assigned the duchy of Ostergötland.

Estelle is probably in honor of Estelle Manville wife of Count Folke Bernadotte who was himself godfather to King Carl Gustaf. Silvia honors her maternal grandmother Queen Silvia, while Ewa honors her paternal grandmother Ewa Westling. Mary is a mystery for now, some people think that it may honor Crown Princess Mary of Denmark who will later serve as godmother to the princess, but only time will tell if they are right.

I personally like the name Estelle, I find it femine and elegant, and although the first reactions were mainly negative due to the reason that Victoria & Daniel did not pick a traditional swedish royal name for their daughter, the latest polls are showing that most people like the name. I have to admit that at first I was too a bit dissapointed with their choice since my personal favorites Lovisa & Kristina did not make it, but after a few hours I warmed up to the name. I'd change just one thing and that is the fourth name Mary, it just does not work in the whole name IMO, I'd change it to Maria, Marie or Marianne.

February 23, 2012

Sweden: It's a girl! Little Princess for Victoria & Daniel!

Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel of Sweden became parents to a little girl! The little princess was born today, 23 February, at 4:26 am at Karolinska Sjukhuset in Solna, Stockholm. She was 51 cm long and weighted 3,280 grams. Both Victoria and little princess are healthy.

But let's go step by step. Today at 12:30 am a car with Victoria & Daniel left Haga Palace in Solna. They arrived at 12:50 am to Karolinska Hospital in Solna, Stockholm. Before the departure Victoria & Daniel's parents and siblings were informed about the upcoming birth of a new Prince or Princess.

At nearly 2 am, the royal court officially confirmed that Victoria was admitted to Karolinska Hospital and the birth was imminent. Daniel was at her side the whole time. At 4:26 am the little princess arrived. Later at 6:15 the spokesman of Swedish Royal Court, Bertil Terner, met with the media and announced that Prince Daniel will meet with the media at 7 am.

At 7 am Prince Daniel and obstetrician Lennart Nordström met with the media. Visibly moved Prince Daniel announced that at 4:26 am, was born 51 cm long and 3,280 grams heavy very pretty princess. He confessed that his feelings were all over the place. As he walked out of the room the little princess was comfortably resting on her mother's chest, so it was hard for him to go away from them. Victoria was feeling great and was happy that everything went well. He further thanked the obstetrician Lennart Nordström and all the staff at Karolinska for their amazing care. Daniel got to cut the umbilical cord of his daughter himself and said that it was a very special moment. In the end he asked the media to give them some space to enjoy their little family and for them a completly new situation.

Obstetrician Lennart Nordström said that the birth went well and there were no complications. He was a part of small team which followed Victoria's pregnancy with regular prenatal check ups and all things related to it. Besides him the team consisted of midwife Cecilia Lind, assistant nurse Marianne Almén and pediatrician Michael Nordström. He described the birth as "quick ride", "we had here a couple that was comfortable with each other and worked together".

At 12 pm, there were 42 gun shots shoot from Skepsholmen as well as other 5 shooting stations in Sweden to celebrate the birth of the new princess. One hour later, at 1 pm Victoria, Daniel and their newborn daughter left Karolinska Hospital and returned to Haga Castle, the residence of the family. After the departure from hospital Swedish Royal Court posted a photo of the happy new parents with their daughter all ready to go home.

The new little family was resting at home today, later in the afternoon King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia as well as Prince Carl Philip and his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist arrived to Haga Palace to meet the new Princess.

Tommorow will be a busy day for the royal family. At firts the witness confirmation will happen probably at Haga Castle. After that the King will held a council at 11:15 am at Royal Palace in Stockholm where he will announce the name and assigned duchy of the little princess. At 11:35 am the Marshall of the Realm will announce the name and duchy to journalists. After that at 12:00pm Ta Deum at Royal Chaple of The Royal Palace will follow, it will be attended by immediate family, goverment and other guests, Victoria and little princess won't attend it.

February 22, 2012

Sweden: Daniel attended Volvo Group market day

Prince Daniel of Sweden attended today Volvo Group Swedish Societal market day in Stockholm.

February 21, 2012

Sweden: Lunch for president of Finland, Tarja Halonen

King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia of Sweden hosted a lunch for Finish President, Tarja Halonen and her husband Pentti Arajärvi. Also present were Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel, for whom it was the last official function before the birth of their first child, and Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson & her husband Tord Magnuson.

Sweden: Carl Philip visitid Union for Conservation of Nature

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden visited International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Switzerland yesterday and today. Carl Philip is "Patron of Nature" of the organization.

Happy 75th Birthday King Harald!

King Harald of Norway is turning 75 today! He was born on 21 February 1937 as the third child of Crown Prince Olav of Norway (later King Olav V of Norway) and his wife Crown Princess Märtha, née Princess of Sweden. He married on 29 August 1968 in Oslo, Sonja Haraldsen. They have two children, Märtha Louise (*1971) & Haakon (*1973) and five grandchildren, Maud Angelica Behn (*2003), Princess Ingrid Alexandra (*2004), Leah Isadora Behn (*2005), Prince Sverre Magnus (*2005) and Emma Tallulah Behn (*2008).

February 20, 2012

Sweden: Carl Gustaf & Silvia attend distribution of Golden Medal

King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia of Sweden attended distribution of Swedish Dairy Association’s Gold Medal in Stockholm today.

Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall will visit Scandinavian Countries in March

Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall will visit Scandinavian Countries in March as part of Queen Elizabeth II, Golden Jubilee. They'll start their visit in Norway on 20-22 March, where they will visit Oslo & Bergen. They'll then move to Sweden, where they'll visit Stockholm on 22-24 March.