August 31, 2012

Sweden: Victoria & Daniel visited experience camp

Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel of Sweden visited today, Swedish Armed Forces' experience camps for young people with special needs in Karlskrona. This was another wedding present for the couple.


More photos are HERE.

Sweden: Carl Gustaf visited Lake Mälaren fishermen association

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden visited today Lake Mälaren fishermen association.

Sweden: Carl Gustaf & Silvia attended Stockholm Water Prize

Yesterday King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia of Sweden attended the presentation of Stockholm Water Prize 2012 in Stockholm.

August 30, 2012

Sweden: Victoria attended Swedish Brain Foundation's evening

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attended Swedish Brain Foundation's "Our Children" evening tonight.

Sweden: Daniel on paternity leave

Spokesman of Swedish Royal Family, Bertil Terner, confirmed towards swedish newspaper Expressen, that Prince Daniel of Sweden will be soon on paternity leave with his daughter Estelle. He'll be taking care of her full time. The lenght of his paternity leave is not known yet, according to swedish law, the minority parent must spend at least two months with his/her child.

Sweden: Victoria at Export Hermes Award

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden delivered today Export Hermes Award 2012.

Norway: Haakon at UN Summer Academy

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway gave yesterday a lecture at the UN Summer Academy in Torino, Italy.

Sweden: Carl Gustaf presented Seraphim Medal

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden gave Seraphim Medal to dirigent Herbert Blomstedt.

Sweden: Silvia visited Save the Children Headquaters

Queen Silvia of Sweden visited "Save the children" (Rädda Barnen) headquaters in Stockholm today.

August 29, 2012

Sweden: Victoria attended Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attended the presentation of Stockholm Junior Water Prize today.


Sweden: New Engagement in Sweden

No, it's not Carl Philip or Madeleine. :) According to informations from Svensk Dam, Gustaf Magnuson, eldest son of Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson and her husband Tord Magnuson, got engaged to his girlfriend Vicky Andrén back in July in Italy.

Sweden: Victoria attended seminar "Sustainable Seas Initiative"

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attended today seminar "Sustainable Seas Initiative" in Stockholm.

Sweden: New official pictures of Carl Philip & Madeleine

Swedish Royal Court released today two new official pictures of Prince Carl Philip & Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

Sweden: Silvia attended Elders Day

Queen Silvia of Sweden attended today "Elders Day" in Ekebyhov.

Sweden: Daniel visited STING

Prince Daniel of Sweden visited STING, Stockholm Innovation & Growth, today.

Norway: Harald in Stavanger

King Harald of Norway attended several events in Stavanger yesterday. First he attended the official opening of the energy fair ONS 2012. Later he attended opening of two exhibitions at the Stavanger Art Museum, BMW Art Cars and Edvard Munch: "Gåten bak lerretet".

Norway: Happy 44th wedding anniversary!

On this day 44 years ago, King Harald of Norway married Sonja Haraldsen, now Queen Sonja of Norway. Happy wedding anniversary!

August 28, 2012

Sweden: Polar Music Prize 2012

King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden attended today Polar Music Prize 2012 in Stockholm. Carl Gustaf handed out prizes to this year laureates, Paul Simon & Yo-Yo Ma.

King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia & Prince Daniel also attended the dinner after the Prize ceremony. Crown Princess Victoria probably returned home.

Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson and her husband Tord Magnuson also attended the ceremony.